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1132 S Oakland
Mesa, AZ 85206
PH 928.599.3929
Hours 24/7

All Genders
Ages 10-17

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Located in the serene Arizona desert, you’ll find our residential eating disorder facility in Mesa that serves adolescents ages 10-17 of all genders. We are conveniently located to support those in the surrounding Phoenix area, yet close enough to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to accommodate patients and families coming from out of state. For your convenience, the concierge at our facility will assist you in scheduling air travel and lodging, and will provide free ground transportation to our facility.

The 24-bed facility makes Mesa one of Center for Discovery’s largest residential treatment programs with the highest staff-to-patient ratio for even more support. What sets Mesa apart is that treatment is geared to patients who are in need of more nutritional rehabilitation. The Mesa center feels like a residence within a medical environment, in which enhanced psychiatric approaches from expert healthcare professionals take place.  

Food Is Medicine for the Brain 

When a patient with an eating disorder needs more nutritional support, getting them the best nutritional care is the primary goal. With the CFD Nutrition Therapy Program at Mesa, the process of allowing food flexibility combined with nutritional psychiatry is at the forefront of treatment. We collaborate with medical professionals to promote the stability and nutrition rehabilitation for the body and the brain. This comprehensive and transformative approach empowers patients to find what recovery means for them so they can carve the right path to improve their relationships with food, mind and body.  

Once the patient is ready, they will receive evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Patients will also transition to exposure & response prevention (ERP) techniques, which are commonly used to help individuals overcome anxiety. ERP therapy slowly helps patients reintegrate their foods and food situations that have been avoided so that they can finally “make peace” with these foods. Additionally, a full-time education liaison is on-site to support a patient with their schoolwork and to collaborate with the patient’s school. Getting to the root cause of the eating disorder through such therapies and additional support will help the patient move to the next level of care, continuing them on the path to a lifetime of recovery. Other clinical care components for Mesa patients include:  

  • Discovery Flex™ Nutrition Program, a proprietary approach to nutrition rehabilitation and intervention, promoting Intuitive Eating free from food rules, nourishing for the brain, body and soul.  
  • Inclusive Nutrition™ encourages patients to try new and different foods to develop a true sense of their own food preferences. The goal is to neutralize all foods.  
  • Intentional nutrition menus and snack choices to help patients nutritionally restore the brain and body along with rebuilding intuitive cues from their bodies including, fullness and satisfaction.  
  • Structured nutrient-rich snack program to give patients greater choice and autonomy in food selection.  
  • Dietary family support including sessions that help the support system understand the Discovery Flex Nutrition Program. Family members will also receive a weekly update from the dietitian that includes meal plan completion, ERP updates and any changes in dietary privileges.
  • Post-discharge access to continued treatment based on clinical need to any one of Center for Discovery’s 50+ traditional residential treatment programs, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, operating in 12 states.  

Patients can also expect programs after treatment, such as:  

  • Aftercare to facilitate transitions and challenges post-discharge.  
  • A customized Discovery app to provide information, resources and a community of support for family members.  
  • Discovery alumni online support groups, in-person and virtual events for family members and patients to assist in post-discharge transition and provide an ongoing support system to facilitate long-term recovery.  

Preferred In-Network Provider 

Center for Discovery is a preferred provider with most major insurance companies. Our team of experienced insurance verification specialists will confirm not only if the level of care you are seeking is covered by your policy but also determine what, if any, out of pocket cost you would incur. Reach out to the team today to verify your coverage.   



Elizabeth Bochtler, M.D.


Shawn Kebker


Elizabeth Bochtler, M.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Bochtler is board certified in psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry. She has extensive experience in the treatment of a broad range of psychiatric conditions including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, psychosis, autism, ADHD and eating disorders. Her training includes psychotherapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Dr. Bochtler enjoys working with individuals, their families, outside providers and the treatment team to provide comprehensive and evidenced-based care. She has lived in the Phoenix metropolitan area since completing her fellowship in 2012 and has a young son who commands most of her free time.


Shawn Kebker

Shawn started working for the Center for Discovery in 2021, where he was hired as a therapist. Shawn graduated from Brigham Young University with his bachelor’s degree in psychology and teaching English as a second language. From there, Shawn went to Case Western Reserve University where he got his master’s in social work and social science administration. Before working at the Center for Discovery, Shawn worked as a counselor for the deaf. He has also worked as a personal counselor for youth and as a family therapist. Shawn’s current career goal is to become a clinical director at one of Center for Discovery’s locations. When Shawn is not at work, he can often be found hiking in the mountains, going on road trips or performing in the circus as a trapeze artist.


Support Group

This location provides free online eating disorder support groups. Our online support groups vary. Find out more about how to join our free support groups.

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COVID-19 Update: Online telehealth is offered for intensive outpatient treatment as an option to patients living in California, Florida, New Jersey and Texas.

In-person intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization is also offered at this location. Residential treatment continues to be offered at our residential facilities for individuals in need of a higher level of care. Learn about all that we are doing to protect the safety and wellbeing of our patients and staff.

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